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Do you seek cost savings?

Payments of customs duties, excise or environmental taxes are corporate costs and are reflected in the final price of goods. Are you sure that you pay (only) what you have to pay?

Prevention is more cost-effective than having to deal with a problem

An upfront discussion can help identify and explore possible savings while mitigating the risk of incurring unexpected costs.

CUSTOMS, excise and environmental taxes - AUDIT

will highlight hidden savings or risks in customs issues relating to the import and export of goods or taxes in respect of transactions relating to excise/environmental taxes. It will allow to remedy the identified shortcomings and change the current procedures so that customs and tax regulations are complied with at minimum costs up to three years retrospectively.

Do you have communication correctly set procedures and day-to-day

in your company? Our experience suggests that serious problems or issues are most frequently caused by insufficient communication in the company and the illusion that an external representative is responsible for handling customs issues.

Please, contact usif you have any questions regarding customs duties, excise or environmental taxes. We will be happy to discuss your questions, we will provide you with an independent professional opinion and recommendation as to possible practical solutions.

We prefer practical solutions and agreements beneficial both for our clients and the relevant state administration bodies.

We welcome an open discussion on the issues and options for their solution. (Contact)